Featuring the following topics and speakers:


Your Responsibility When Buying Seafood (Dick Gutting, Partner -Redmon, Peyton & Braswell LLP; Former President National Fisheries Institute--Click Here for Dick's Bio)*

Recent rulings defining “due care.” What are “best practices” for company owners and buyers?  How to build a credible compliance program.    


What Recent FDA Guidance Means for Buyers  (Mary Snyder, formerly with the FDA--Click here for Mary's Bio)  

What are the key changes that impact the supply chain? What are “best practices” and how will they change in the future? Common mistakes and tips on how to avoid them.


How Upcoming FDA Rules Will Impact Buyers  (Dick Gutting, Panel Discussion)

What changes in FDA rules are expected next year and how will they will impact seafood buyers? How will buyer “best practices” change in the future?


Update on Third-Party Auditing and Inspecting (Kevin Edwards, Associate Director Food- Consumer Testing Services SGS North America Inc.--Click Here for Kevin's Biography)

What are the significant trends and changes in third-party Food Safety/GFSI and Social Accountability auditing? How are they changing the supply chain?  What should buyers expect next year? Tips on selecting and using third-party auditors.


New Insurance Options for Seafood Buyers (Ray Markley, President- Shorepoint Insurance Services - Click here for Ray's Biography)  

What are the risks posed by product contamination and illegal products and how are these risks changing? What are the “best practices” for minimizing your insurance costs and selecting insurance coverage?


FDA Presents: The latest developments in Food Safety and Modernization Act regulations and how to import seafood that is in compliance with the FDA's requirements.

National Marine Fisheries Service presents: The changing role because of FSMA. What should US companies be doing to get ready for the changes.

About the Seafood Buyers Workshop Series

Over the past five years, Urner Barry, in association with Richard E. Gutting, has attracted hundreds of attendees to its Seafood Workshops.  This full-day event was designed to keep seafood buyers and importers up-to-date on government requirements for importing and purchasing of seafood and to give them the tools they need to be fully compliant.

The agenda and speakers have varied over the years as regulations have changed with presenters coming from both industry and government. Typically, however, there are presentations, team exercises based upon case studies, and group discussions. Participants receive our Compliance Manual, which is updated each year, and reference materials, such as the Red Book. Gutting has been actively involved in US seafood regulatory policy for over thirty years, at one point serving as president of the National Fisheries Institute.


*Names in parenthesis denote expected presenter



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