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Urner Barry provides proprietary market prices for center-of-the-plate proteins. Since the mid-1800s, Urner Barry has been the standard medium through which buyers and sellers gauge fair market value across the supply chain. Our highly skilled team of market reporters continue that tradition today, bringing more than 200 years’ worth of combined experience to the price-discovery process.

Our dedication to transparency and unbiased reporting is underscored by our commitment to aligning ourselves with the reporting guidelines set forth by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).

What Sets Us Apart

The right connections:
Each trading day, reporters contact key market participants throughout the value chain to collect transactional information and other intelligence that may influence a market’s direction. Market sources have trusted Urner Barry to keep information confidential and assess it fairly for generations. This yields unmatched market perspective and a more robust quotation than one simply created with trade data from invoices.

Rigorous reporting standards:
To ensure that high quality is maintained in Urner Barry’s price assessments, market reporters undergo rigorous training before they are eligible to engage with sources to collect information and develop Urner Barry’s price assessments. For each market covered, there are multiple reporters who are trained to conduct price assessments. A peer-review system ensures that all quotations are corroborated – guaranteeing reliable and unbiased information you can trust.

Reliability and flexibility:
Markets evolve and so do our methodologies. Our commitment to reliability means we continually review our methodologies and procedures to make sure they represent up-to-date industry practices.

Urner Barry is dedicated to being transparent and honest with our clients. Our methodologies are available to further support that goal. Please find them linked below.
Urner Barry Reporting Methodology

The Urner Barry Data Submitter Policy helps ensure the Urner Barry price assessments are accurate, unbiased and robust. Information shared with the market reporters and researchers should be based off quality transactional and market data. It sets forth parameters and expectations for companies and individuals providing information for the price assessment process. Data submitters are expected to abide by the guidelines set forth in our Data Submitter Policy.

Urner Barry Feedback and Complaints Policy

Urner Barry Corrections Policy

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